Amy Winehouse’s Rehab Diary, Day 1


Dear Diary:

Bloody fuckin’ hell my head hurts. Cheeky attendant keeps humming that bloody Alanis Morrisette song whenever he comes in to take my vitals.

“Isn’t it ironic?” YES, I GET THE FUCKIN’ JOKE, IT’S FUCKIN’ IRONIC ME BEIN’ HERE. And YES, I know the meaning of “ironic” unlike some poxy Canadians. I’m pretty fuckin’ clever, you must admit. I am the one who wrote ” Thinking on you in the final throes/This is when my buzzer goes”– C’mon, that’s witty AND sexy AND it rhymes!

NOW FUCK OFF! Useless wanker. And bring me my cigs.

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One Response to “Amy Winehouse’s Rehab Diary, Day 1”

  • Annie Mole Says:

    Amy, but it’s also ironic that you’re living out your songs. From blonde you’ve gone Back to Black and talk about living out Rehab – I say NO, NO, NO.

    Current score: 0

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