About RehabDiary.com

Rehabdiary.com understands the pressure celebrities are under, being in the
public eye. It’s unfair really — they bare their souls to us, and in return we scrutinize every fluctuation in weight or raise an eyebrow at every innocent flirtation. So we celebrate those celebrities who have the courage to seek treatment for their problems, especially if they do it publicly, after trashing a hotel room (or three). After all, we are the cause of these problems, when you get right down to it. But more importantly, this site celebrates you, Joe Average, who can look at someone who is facing life-threatening adversity and mercilessly mock them about it.

Because we live for that shit.

Only an attorney would make the mistake of taking anything on this site
seriously; however, we should mention that everything on this site is 100% satirical. No part of it is factual (even the items we label “news,” since most of those are made up by E! reporters, drunk CNN night desk editors and the London tabs, and we certainly have no control over their fantasy lives).